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who is ppff

PPFF (Fran) is an attempt of a 20something to finally put into writing the nagging ramblings inside her head.

That, and she simply wants to remember all the books that she has read because she seems to have a tendency to space out when friends ask her what a certain book is about. If she is in a reading funk, she is obsessing over Andy Roddick, Juan Martin Del Potro, The Voice and Giuliana & Bill reruns.

When she is not being a complete nerd, she trades in her glasses for any of her six-inched heels and favorite matte pink lipstick to go to clubs playing EDM and serving Malibu (and now even beer). She enjoys being with her friends, going on raves, concerts and beach parties.

who is fran

I am a Communications graduate and a one-time Law student – being in Law school just wasn’t for me. I currently work at home as a freelance writer, which is why I have decided to have my own blog.

I used to run a lifestyle blog with my college friends but the five of us became so busy with our personal lives that it made updating very difficult, not to mention we lived miles apart from each other (one is in Singapore, one in Dubai, one just moved to London and the two of us who do live in the same country, being in different cities still made it hard). I guess you could say we simply outgrew our purpose for that blog.

My old blog

My old blog

Up until recently, I used to go by the “You Only Live Once” mantra. I used to go out and party a lot – dressed up, got drunk, acted stupid (though I never smoked or got high). I even worked as a Marketing Consultant / Event Organizer / Promoter for my friend’s club. But these days, I would rather be at home and live vicariously through books.

When it comes to my reading preferences, I am really easy to please. I basically would love anything that has romance, most especially, HEAs. I personally do not like reading about love triangles and second chance romance because they are complicated and so NOT exciting in real life (I should know as I had been there a few too many times, unfortunately) so I really do not expect them to be any different in fiction.

I am also a big sports fan which is why I always love a good sports-related book.

I love me some athletes.

I love me some athletes.

In between all the fluff and cliched love stories, I usually tend to go on a romantic suspense/thriller/mystery binge which are genres I have always enjoyed since my Nancy Drew phase.

I have also just recently realized how much I love paranormal/fantasy romance and its other sub-genres. I have also rekindled my love for Historical Romance, so I have a lot of catching up to do!


This blog is NEVER going to be about cooking or DIY because I do not even know the difference between a cabbage and a lettuce, and I can never be trusted with a pair of scissors. I am mostly going to post my book reviews but ultimately, my goal is to get as personal as possible – about a Single Girl’s POV and going through Quarter Life Crisis.

Someone once told me that I am an oxymoron – I may seem like a “social butterfly” but I will always be a nerd at heart. Right now, I am still trying to find a balance between my two personalities and I hope that with this blog, I can do just that.

why ppff

Fran got the idea from one of her favorite Avicii songs, Silhouettes. It opens with: “Press play, fast forward…” but since that was already taken, she decided to just change PLAY to PAUSE.

Also, FP is actually the initials of her first and last names.

PF… PPFF… Get it? 


Contact: presspauseff@gmail.com

I love being on GoodReads than updating my Facebook or Twitter so please, feel free to add me there and let’s talk. 🙂




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