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Three TV Shows to Catch Up On

For the last few months, I’ve pretty much been missing a lot of my favorite TV shows. Apart from The Voice, I haven’t been quite as religious as I used to be when it comes to keeping up to date with the latest episodes of shows I used to follow a lot.

Here are the top three TV shows that I really need to catch up on:


Well, the last episode that I watched was probably just a little bit before the season 2 finale. See? I missed that much. I mean I’ve read spoilers so I know what to expect but this is definitely one show that I must download and watch right away, especially since it’s already on its third season.

Revenge Season 3

I miss Daniel GraysonAnd the fashion.

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Crushletes: My Current Top 5 Fave Athletes

I have always been a big sports fan. Sadly, I am in no way athletic. At all. Well, I did enjoy playing tennis when I was younger and I was decent (sort of) at handball in College but right now, I am pretty happy being just a fan, complete with fangirl tendencies.

Here are my current favorite athletes:

1. Andy Roddick (retired tennis player)

Andy will always be my forever love but because I’m old enough to know better, I shouldn’t admit how obsessed I was when I first laid my eyes on him, and his powerful game of course. Just thinking about the things I’ve done, well, let’s just say I’m embarrassed to say anything more about it.


2. Juan Martin del Potro (currently the 5th best tennis player in the world)

When I left for College, I stopped following tennis. I did check online for updates sometimes but I wasn’t as religious about it anymore. Part of the reason I guess was that Andy was always breaking my heart or my heart was breaking for him (and his Wimbledon losses). But two years ago, I got interested again and last year, my love for the game came back full force.


But now I have a new tennis favorite and ironically, Juan Martin del Potro was the one who beat Andy into retirement in 2012. Actually, as I’m typing away on my laptop, JMDP just won his first match of 2014 (thank God! I thought he was going to crash out early again).

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Press Pause Fast Forward: 2013 by the Numbers

In no particular order, this was how my 2013 played out by the numbers:

I read 301 books 51 more than my goal of 250.

3 days in Singapore with my best friend.

2 cancelled trips: Kota Kinabalu and Hong Kong.

I went to ONE rock concertLinkin Park.

I saw 6 International DJs play live: AVICII (my all-time favorite), Zedd (Clarity has to be one of the most overplayed songs of the year), Joachim Garraud (I got a signed alien mask from him!), An21 (cute guy! lol), Max Vangeli and one dude from Bassjackers who opened for Avicii.

I went to 4 Raves – the highlight was LifeDance Sinulog at the beginning of the year.

4 major party weekends: Sinulog Festival in Cebu City, Labor Day weekend in Boracay, Manila weekend where we rented a big Party Bus and Masskara Festival in Bacolod City.

I dyed my hair THREE times.

ONE funeral. My grandfather died of Cancer and we had him cremated.

ONE wedding. My older sister got married just last weekend.

I’ve been blogging here for 6 months.

I’ve received 8 free books in exchange for honest reviews.


Here’s to a more awesome year for me and you! May 2014 be filled with success and happiness. Cheers!