Book Review: Ashes to Ashes (Experiment in Terror #8) by Karina Halle

Ashes to Ashes (Experiment in Terror, #8)Ashes to Ashes by Karina Halle


It’s been two months since Perry Palomino and Dex Foray’s relationship reached a new turning point, two months since Perry started a new life in Seattle, and two months since their Experiment in Terror show took on a new partner, ex-Wine Babe Rebecca Sims, and found a new level of success. But whenever there is light in their lives, the madness still has a way of coming back in.

When the team is sent back to the stormy Oregon coast to investigate a haunted school, Perry wants to use the opportunity to reconnect with her family and reintroduce Dex into their lives. Only Perry’s not the only one who’s reaching out – her grandmother Pippa has started appearing to her with disturbing warnings and Perry’s presence at the school has ignited a chilling new wave of supernatural phenomenon. Once used a century ago as a sanatorium to house children dying of tuberculosis, the school’s past residents are slowly coming back to life and with one thing on their mind. They want someone to play with, someone to join them. Forever.

Even when dead, some children get whatever they want.

And they want Perry.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Well, now. Just when I thought it was a tiny, tiny bit anticlimactic, THAT ending happened! How I wish that in a blink of an eye, May is upon us. Sigh.

OK, don’t get me wrong, it was scary as hell! I couldn’t even read it at times as much as I wanted to, especially when I was all alone. But I just felt like I wanted more from those last scenes in the sanatorium when Perry was running for her life (as usual). Maybe it’s only my morbid self talking but I think I expected it to be like “the day of reckoning” or an epic doomsday event, something more.

Nonetheless, I’m really going to be sad that this series will soon be over. To think I just started reading EIT recently! Poor Sexy Dexy fans.

What we have – it consumes me. It devours me. And it scares me more than anything we have ever encountered, because if I ever lost you, if I ever had to live without you, I wouldn’t be whole. You, Perry, have my heart. You are my heart.


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