Book Review: The Promise by Danielle Steel

The PromiseThe Promise by Danielle Steel


Young architect Micheal Hillyard and artist Nancy McAllister are determined to get married despite his wealthy mother’s disapproval. Then minutes before their wedding, a terrifying accident and a cruel deception separate Micheal and Nancy–perhaps forever. Each pursues a new life–Nancy in California, Micheal in New York. But eventually nothing–and no one–can keep them apart as they keep their vow never to say good-bye

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The last time I read this was a decade ago and that was before my paperback copy was never returned to me. Luckily, I found an e-book. Thank you techy gods!

I think I decided to re-read this because I was curious to know whether or not the twentysomething me would still love it. I was only a high school sophomore then so what the heck did I know about “good” books anyway. At first, I thought it would maybe be like watching Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie and then realizing how it totally sucked – I can’t believe I had a huge crush on Tommy (complete with Kimberly’s high-pitched squeals).

Well, you know what, I STILL LOVE IT! So, it shall remain as one of my all-time favorite love stories ever. Granted, it may not have the most original plot – in fact, I’m pretty sure it can fit right in with all the New Adult books these days, minus all the angst – but considering it was published in 1999, I think it’s really amazing.

The Promise is a story about the simple kind of love. These days, most books that I read portray it as something complicated – too much angst, characters with troubled pasts, trust issues, and so on. I’ve said this before but it seems like in order to find true love in fiction, you have to be someone with a past. OK, rant over. Anyway, what I’m trying to say here is that I like how this made me feel good about love and how it made me believe that it will always find its way back to you. I know that a lot of people think that’s probably too idealistic – as I do, sometimes – but I guess I’ll always be a hopeless romantic and this, for me, is just a beautiful read.

“These beads will be our bond, a physical bond, buried fast for as long as this rock, and this beach, and these trees stand here. All right?”
“All right”. He smiled softly. “We’re being very romantic.”
“Why not? If you’re lucky enough to have love, celebrate it! Give it a home!”
“You’re right. You’re absolutely right. Okay, here’s its home.”
“Now let’s make a promise. I promise never to forget what is here, or to forget what they stand for. Now you.” She touched his hand, and he smiled down at her again. He had never loved her more.
“And I promise… I promise never to say good-bye to you…” And then for no reason in particular, they laughed. Because it felt good to be young, to be romantic, even to be corny.

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