Three TV Shows to Catch Up On

For the last few months, I’ve pretty much been missing a lot of my favorite TV shows. Apart from The Voice, I haven’t been quite as religious as I used to be when it comes to keeping up to date with the latest episodes of shows I used to follow a lot.

Here are the top three TV shows that I really need to catch up on:


Well, the last episode that I watched was probably just a little bit before the season 2 finale. See? I missed that much. I mean I’ve read spoilers so I know what to expect but this is definitely one show that I must download and watch right away, especially since it’s already on its third season.

Revenge Season 3

I miss Daniel GraysonAnd the fashion.


I don’t think I missed a lot of episodes but it’s been a while since I last saw hunky Stephen Amell. Must watch soon!

Arrow Season 2


This one I miss the most. Giuliana and Bill Rancic are definitely one of my all-time favorite couples and they are just so funny! Hmm, maybe I’ll wait till they have reruns on TV.

Giuliana and Bill and Duke Rancic


Oh but I am so very excited to watch the new season of American Idol. I love JLo forever!

American Idol 13

But in the meantime, I’m busy watching the Australian Open. I can’t get enough of tennis! GSM.


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