Book Review: Below Unforgiven (Movie #1) by Kimberly Stedronsky

Below Unforgiven (Movie #1)Below Unforgiven by Kimberly Stedronsky


Vivian Hale doesn’t cope. She runs.

Spending the summer in small town Pennsylvania, working for minimum wage in the old trailer-turned-video-store, Vivian longs to move on after her world came crashing down around her. She’s given up on her acting dream and is willing to do whatever it takes to make enough money to get a place of her own and start over- anything, of course, but sacrifice her pride.

Oscar winning, LA director Keaton Thorne is back home for the first time in seven years, determined to survive one weekend with his family. As best man in his little brother’s wedding, he has one job- show up with his gorgeous wife and prove to everyone in the small town that he’s better than his father had ever been.

When Keaton makes her a clichéd offer that she just can’t refuse, Vivian tries to protect her heart. She knows the difference between right and wrong.

Between moral and immoral…

Between acting… and reality.

One weekend. One man.

One yes.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was so prepared to gush over this book and say how much I loved it but then THAT happened. Stupid, stupid cliffy! Ugh!

I hate that I couldn’t give this a 5-star rating because up until that ending, this was a really fun book. The banter was so adorable, very sarcastic, cute. There were so many memorable laugh out loud lines. I love Keaton. I love Vivian – until she acted stupid and immature, that is. Well, her character just turned 21 after all so I guess that’s quite understandable?

Anyhow, this was a really cute read. It’s the type of story that obviously could happen in fiction so yes, I didn’t mind that their love story happened over just a weekend because I still couldn’t stop grinning anyway. I loved all the movie references and even the technical jargon. So, as much as I’m feeling frustrated right now, it was my own fault to begin with that I started this even when I knew it was going to end in a cliffy.

“You have an OCD, and AQD.”
“AQD?” She demanded, confused.
“Air Quote Disorder.”
“Is there an acronym for ‘Arrogant Hollywood Director’?” Her fingers bobbed in exaggerated air quotes.

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