Crushletes: My Current Top 5 Fave Athletes

I have always been a big sports fan. Sadly, I am in no way athletic. At all. Well, I did enjoy playing tennis when I was younger and I was decent (sort of) at handball in College but right now, I am pretty happy being just a fan, complete with fangirl tendencies.

Here are my current favorite athletes:

1. Andy Roddick (retired tennis player)

Andy will always be my forever love but because I’m old enough to know better, I shouldn’t admit how obsessed I was when I first laid my eyes on him, and his powerful game of course. Just thinking about the things I’ve done, well, let’s just say I’m embarrassed to say anything more about it.


2. Juan Martin del Potro (currently the 5th best tennis player in the world)

When I left for College, I stopped following tennis. I did check online for updates sometimes but I wasn’t as religious about it anymore. Part of the reason I guess was that Andy was always breaking my heart or my heart was breaking for him (and his Wimbledon losses). But two years ago, I got interested again and last year, my love for the game came back full force.


But now I have a new tennis favorite and ironically, Juan Martin del Potro was the one who beat Andy into retirement in 2012. Actually, as I’m typing away on my laptop, JMDP just won his first match of 2014 (thank God! I thought he was going to crash out early again).

3. Steven Gerrard (football player – LiverpoolFC skipper)

When I was in high school, as much as I was obsessed with Andy, I was also in love with Steven Gerrard then. I was so happy when LiverpoolFC came from behind to beat AC Milan in their Champions League final in 2005. Boy was I nearly in tears because of such a turnaround!


It’s good to see the club doing well right now. Hopefully, they can pick up a trophy again before Stevie G retires.

4. Jason Kidd (retired basketball player turned BKN coach)

So, I am not fully impressed by him now that he’s a coach but I’ll always be a fan of his anyway. To be honest, I’m not really sure why I like JKidd out of all the NBA players out there. I just do, ever since he started playing for the New Jersey Nets. I really hope his team gets better this season though. I’d hate to see him get fired.

5. Dwyane Wade (basketball player – Miami Heat)

I’ve been a Miami Heat fan for years now. I think my love for Wade solidified during the season before he won his first ring. Again, I’m not really sure why but until now, even when he’s not as good as he used to be then, I’m still a fan. So yes, I’m a Heat fan because of him and not Lebron.


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