Can You Consider Yourself Passionate if You Remain Passive?

I apologize for the wordy title but it’s precisely the question that has been on my mind for the past couple of hours or so. Can you really be called passionate if you’re acting all passive about what you supposedly love and want to do in your life?

Because, to be honest, in my heart and mind I’m passionate about writing and it’s something that I feel like I’m pretty good at but… what then? I’m not exactly doing anything much about it.

All I know for sure is, for as long as I can remember, writing has always been something that I enjoy doing. Yet, I feel like I’m stuck on something awfully like mediocrity. Is it because of my personal hangups? Is it my fear of failure, the reason I’m ultimately not trying harder to step out of my comfort zone?

I used to dream of writing for magazines – fashion, travel, lifestyle, reviews, anything – and I had even come up with columns and articles as a pastime activity for my own satisfaction, As a high school student, I had been obsessed with FictionPress, where I regularly submitted my original stories (sadly, I lost all my files because our computer then died a natural death). In college, I was the Editor-in-Chief of our highly acclaimed school publication.

But so what, right? More importantly, what I am doing about it?

Well,  I’m a freelance writer. I blog, albeit sporadically. I try to write book reviews. But I keep asking myself, what else? 

I feel like I’m currently being pulled in several different directions, I see an end goal/s but there doesn’t seem to be a clear path for which way I should go. I can only hope that I can truly own up to what I really want to do and get over myself. FAST!

I may have so many questions that need to be answered but basically, if I really want to be a writer then I should actually start writing. Yes?

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