Book Review: Annihilate Me Vol. 1 and 2 by Christina Ross

PPFF Rating (for both volumes)4/5 Stars
Easy read – smart and witty. 

Annihilate Me Vol. 1

goodreads blurb:

The business of love is dangerous.18078242
For Jennifer Kent, a recent MBA graduate who has been searching for work in Manhattan for four long months, time and money are running out. If she doesn’t find work soon, she’ll need to return to her native Maine, where the job situation is even more bleak.

And where her abusive parents lie in wait.

But when an unorthodox arrangement is proposed, Jennifer decides to take it. She agrees to be the “girlfriend” of Alexander Wenn, the reluctant, billionaire CEO of Wenn Enterprises, who is so devastatingly good looking, he needs a beautiful woman like Jennifer on his arm to “keep the wolves at bay.”

In this case, the wolves are other women, all of whom vie for his attention so aggressively, they keep him from focusing on business at the exclusive events he must attend. It’s there that deals are cut. What they want is his money and his power. Damaged by a past event, the only thing Alex wants to do is focus on work. And to forget the past.

But can Jennifer deny their white-hot chemistry? As she’s swept into this glittering other world of society and big business, she finds herself struggling to keep from falling for Alex, an almost impossible feat she nevertheless must meet.

Armed with her MBA, Jennifer Kent knows about business. But what she doesn’t know is what could destroy her–the business of protecting her own heart. And maybe her own life.

“You have a credit card. You haven’t used it since we got here. You saved it for an emergency. Well, this is an emergency. Do you hear me? This is a full-on, five-alarm-fire emergency. You need to have your hair cut and colored. You need to buy a new suit and shoes—and nothing cheap.”

A hotshot businessman in need of a fake girlfriend. Enters the perfect eye candy. Turns out she has a brain too. This kind of storyline always reels me in. Nothing is more interesting than a heroine who has beauty, body and brains and actually surprises people in the process. I guess it’s the feminist in me talking.

It’s always a good idea to squeeze in an easy read in between all those intense New Adult books, don’t you think? I should say Annihilate Me is a cute way to unwind and get yourself calmed down after reading too many f***ed up characters.

“Prada fixes everything,” she said. “Or at least, that’s what I hear. Usually, a martini does it for me. But in this case, I’ll listen to the Bible, which naturally is this month’s edition of Vogue. I devoured it last week. Prada’s new line is on trend. Queen Wintour never gets it wrong.”

Don’t expect anything life changing when you read this but if you’re like me who enjoys a good laugh and witty dialogues, then you should be able to love this one too.

The characters are pretty interesting: Jennifer Kent not only has the beauty, body and brains but she also has that sharp tongue of hers which I really love about her. Though she’s not typically the strong female type (she keeps saying sorry A LOT even when unnecessary), she is still pretty admirable for her firm beliefs. Lisa Ward has got to be the most dependable best friend and roommate ever with all the things she’s done for Jennifer.

Alex Wenn seems to be lacking in terms of his personality. He’s a successful billionaire and I’m sure he’s supposed to be your typical alpha male but it doesn’t really show. There are some signs there but I’m not so convinced. My favorite character though has got to be Ms. Blackwell. Her comments tend to be really bitchy but it doesn’t read that way at all. Actually, her punchlines are rather clever.

Here’s one:

“Then the undergarments, which must include Spanx. They will even you out nicely, but you might not be able to breathe, which doesn’t matter to me and shouldn’t matter to you.”

The writing is more than decent but my main issue is that there are times when I read some of the dialogues, they sound funny in my head. They kind of sound detached from each other, almost like a staccato of short sentences. I’m not exactly sure but that’s just me.

“What was that?” he asked quietly.
“The end of Immaculata.”

The first volume ended in a cliffhanger. Good thing I read this while volume 2 was out. All in all, I liked it. No-brainer, really.

Annihilate Me Vol. 2

goodreads blurb:

Jennifer’s life is reeling out of control. 18078247

Now, there is no denying her feelings for Alex–or his for her. After spending one night together, he took her to heights she never thought was possible. The passion they shared in that one moment is something she can’t shake, and it consumes her, throwing her off her game.

But this is no game. What they have is real. Still, even as events start to pull them close together, other events threaten to tear them apart.

A threat is revealed. People aren’t who they appear to be. And then there is their arrangement. Once, she was Alex’s employee, the one woman who was hired to make certain he wasn’t distracted from his work. Even though they are now in a committed relationship, what will that mean for Jennifer when she agrees to become his employee again–and when one major failure that costs his company millions is directly aimed at his involvement with her? Will their relationship survive–or will it fail?

“What’s your friend’s name?”
“Lisa Ward.”
“What does she do?”
“She writes about zombies.”
“She writes about what?”
“The undead.”
“Who does that?”
“Well at last the undead are thin. Mostly skeletal, which is good. I could probably dress them for her.”

This is why I love Ms. Blackwell. She can be such a bitch but I find it more hilarious than offensive.

“Get undressed. Come on. I’ve got to shovel you into a pair of Spanx. I can only hope the ice I had for dinner will give me the necessary strength to do that job.”

So Annihilate Me Vol. 2 started where Vol. 1 ended. It even included the last two chapters of the first book to help readers remember that cliffhanger (of course I didn’t need it since I read the second book immediately after I finished the other one).

This time around, Christina Ross spiced things up with steamy scenes between Jennifer and Alex (FINALLY). They still had their own issues (typical trust issues from a bad family life, you know, the works) but they are definitely committed to each other.

“Real love doesn’t hurt. Real love is wonderful. It’s loneliness that hurts. And rejection. And losing someone close to you hurts.” – Ms. Blackwell

Basically, this book centers on the relationship between the two. Jennifer still continues to question her feelings for Alex. On the other hand, Alex does everything he can to protect Jennifer from the reality of being with him and the possible dangers that go with it.

This ends in a BIG cliffhanger so I can’t wait to get my hands on Vol. 3 (which I heard is already out).

Annihilate Me series is a great weekend read. I just wish that both could have been longer.

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