Silhouettes by Avicii

[Press Play Saturdays is going to be a regular feature which will include randomly selected songs, videos, television shows, movies or sports-related updates. My blog, my prerogative. Happy Saturday!]

Today happens to be my birthday so it seems fitting for me to start a new feature on my blog. Although I basically want to focus on all things books, I still wanted to be able to show my readers that there are other sides of me too.

So for my first Press Play Saturdays post, here is one of my favorite songs from my favorite DJ, Avicii (whom I am so happy to have seen live a couple of months ago – epic night).

Silhouettes is actually the main inspiration behind the name of my blog.

As the first line of the song goes:

“Press play, fast forward..”

But since Press Play Fast Forward was already taken, I decided to simply change Play to Pause so it’s all good. It still pretty much has the same context if I say so myself.

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